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Danny Elfman - The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box Album
Danny Elfman - The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box Album
Performer: Danny Elfman
Title: The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Country: US
Released: 24 May 2011
Style: Soundtrack, Score, Classical
Cat: 2-525172
Rating: 4.2/5
Format: MP3, FLAC, WMA
FLAC size: 2006 mb | MP3 size: 2816 mb | WMA size: 1159 mb

1Jack's Obsession (Orchestra-Only Version)
2Opening (Danny Elfman Vocal Version)
3Kim's Room
5Augustus Gloop
6The Finale II
7Sheet Ghost
8Blood Of The Jabberwocky
9Ice Dance
10Tears To Shed (Demo)
11The Swimming Pool
12Storytime (Demo)
13Martian Madame
14Alice And Mom/Sniffing
15Jack’s Lament — Performed By Danny Elfman
16Corpse Bride Piano (Work Tape)
17Escape From Ape City/The Legend
18Oogie Boogie's Song (Orchestra-Only Version)
20The Incantation
21Back Upstairs
22The Cheshire Cat
23Mysterious Figure
24The Cookie Factory
25Medley Suite
26Clown Dream
27Oogie Boogie’s Song (Demo)
28Francis’ House
29The Jar 1
30Ape Suite #1
31Ungodly Experiments (Alternate Version)
32Batman Vs. The Circus
33The Journey Home
34Circus Montage
35Sandra's Theme (Work Tape)
36An Idea (Work Tape)
37Travel Music
38Alice’s Theme
39 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 77:29
40End Credits Part 2 — Bonus Tracks From Bonejangles And His Bone Boys
41Main Titles Part 1 & 2 (Film Version)
42Early Finale (Demo)
43Saving The Hatter
44Mike Teavee (Orchestra-Only Version)
45Stainboy Suite
46Alice Escapes
47Cowboy Pee-wee
48The Rise And Fall From Grace II
49Wild Theme (Worktape)
50Veruca Salt (Demo)
51Mike’s Zapped
52Main Titles
53New World
54Victoria’s Scape
55Closing (Orchestra-Only Version)
56The Book!/Obituaries
57The Grand Finale
58To The Rescue
59The Bath
60Poor Jack (Demo)
61Clown Attack
62Violet Beauregarde (Demo)
64Making Christmas Intro
66Introduction (Titles)
67Erased (Unused Song — Demo)
68Main Title/Opening
69Bad Nut
70Tears To Shed (Orchestra-Only Version)
71Wonka’s Welcome Song (Orchestra-Only Version)
72The Party Arrives
73A New Day!
74Vorpal Sword
75Pee-wee’s Big Adventure Suite
76Victor & Victoria Meet
77Wonka’s First Shop
78Victoria’s Wedding
79Travel 2
80Loving Heads
81Ball & Socket Lounge Music #1 (Combo Version)
82 Curios And Curiouser: Song Demos 1985-2010 78:41
83Alice Reprise #2
84Simone’s Theme
85Enter Colossus
86Dino Dreams (Film Version)
87Alice Reprise #4
88Futterwacken (Final Film Version)
89MOMA — Bells
90A Gift
91The Lair I
92Futterwacken 4 – (Demo)
93The Return
94Deep Space Launch
95Waltz—Music Box (Worktape)
96The Breakfast Machine
97Mike Teavee (Demo)
98The Bat Cave
99Charge Of The Batmobile
100Bat Zone/Axis Set-Up
101Travels III (Bike Ride)
102 Batman Returns: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 77:55
103Boy Scout Jamboree/White House Mayhem
104Alice Decides
106Making Christmas — Performed By Danny Elfman And The Citizens Of Halloween
107Main Title Deconstruction
108Alice’s Theme (Demo 3)
109The End
110Autopsy/Phony Chase
111Bayard And The White Queen
112Journey To Specter
113The River Cruise
114Jenny's Theme (Work Tape)
115Augustus Gloop (Demo)
116Main Title (Unused Early Version)
117Casting A Spell
118Sally’s Song — Performed By Catherine O’Hara
119More Oompahs (Early Demo)
120Catwoman Saves Joan
121Titles Part 2
122Veruca Salt
123The Flier/Lydia’s Pep Talk
124The Jar 6
125Poor Jack — Performed By Danny Elfman
127Main Title (Work Tape)
128Victor's Wedding
130This Is Halloween (Demo)
131Joining The Circus
132Violet Beauregarde (Orchestra-Only Version)
133Into The Woods/The Witch
134Ape Suite #2
135Opening — Narration By Patrick Stewart
136Attack Of The Batwing (Extended Version)
137The Escape
138Victor's Escape
139Batman To The Rescue
140 Big Fish: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 76:51
141Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk
142The Golden Ticket/Factory
143The White Queen
144Destructo X
145Charlie’s No Dummy
146Mayhew Croaks
147Up The Cathedral
148Otho’s Idea
149Escape To Fudge Mountain
150Little Melodies (Work Tape)
151Music Shop And Beyond
152 Sleepy Hollow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 78:01
153What’s This?
155Barb Shares
157The War Room
158Rooftops/Wild Ride I
159Camp Raid (Percussion Only)
160 Oddities And Ends 1985-2010 72:08
161Futterwacken 3 – (Demo)
163Alice Returns
164Alicia’s Unmasking
165 A Conversation With Danny Elfman & Tim Burton
166Introduction (Demo)
167Witch Escort
168Penguin Theme 2 (Work Tape)
169Edward Theme
170Beautiful New World/Home Sweet Home
171Charlie’s Birthday Bar
172Keyhole 1
173Futterwacken 1 – (Demo)
174 Planet Of The Apes: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 77:00
175Finale/Reprise (Demo)
176The Cemetery
177Unused Early Title Idea (Worktape)
178Closing (Danny Elfman Vocal Version)
179A Conversation With Danny Elfman & Tim Burton
180Sally's Song (Orchestra-Only Version)
181Wedding Song Intro
182Back To Business
183The Big Launch
184Beetlejuice Commercial (Film Version)
187Edsel Over The Edge
188Rule The Planet Remix
189Ungodly Experiments
190Remains Of The Day (Orchestra-Only Version)
191 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure 48:16
192Town Meeting Song Intro
193Goodbye Theme (Work Tape)
194Up And Out
195Waltz—With Weird, Unused Ending (Worktape)
196End Title
197Love Lost
198Oogie Boogie’s Song (Italian Version)
199Rooftops/Wild Ride II
202The Hunt
203 Beetlejuice: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 47:46
204This Is Halloween (Italian Version)
205Jack’s Lament (Demo)
206Art’s Demise/Chase/Punch Out/ Viva Las Vegas
207Penguin Theme 1 (Work Tape)
208Theme 3 (Demo)
209The Wedding Song (Orchestra-Only Version)
210Making Christmas (Demo)
211Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk (Film Version)
212Young Ichabod
214Photos/Beautiful Dreamer
215Lydia Enters
216Sally’s Song (German Version)
218End Titles
219Phillip’s Death
220Theme 1 (Demo)
221The River Cruise - Part 2
222The Landing
223Ballet De Suburbia (Suite)
224The Lair II
225Thad Goes Ape
226MOMA — Christmas 2
228Violet’s Transformation
229The Tide Turns (Suite)
230Bail & Socket Lounge Music #2
231Jack Returns
232MOMA — Creepy Clowns
233The Story...
234The Children’s Hour
235Work In Progress
236Big Fish (Titles)
237Joker’s Commercial (Film Version)
238Alice Revealed
239Alice Reprise #5
240Chocolate Explorers
241Main Title (Synth And Percussion Only)
242Waltz To The Death
243Doctor Finklestein/In The Forest
244Revealed/Party Crasher
245Into The Forest
246Shoe Stealing
247Happy House
249Chocolate River
250Family Dog: TV Series — End Credits
251Musak 2
253The Tide Changes
254Alice’s Theme (Demo 1)
255Evil Eye
256Oogie Boogie’s Song — Performed By Ken Page With Ed Ivory
257Finale/Reprise - Performed By Danny Elfman, Catherine O’Hara And The Citizens Of Halloween
259Sandra’s Farewell
260The Tree Of Death
261The Aftermath
263Death Of The Penguin (Demo)
264Leaving Jenny
265Penguin Theme 3 (Work Tape)
266Bedtime Story
267Theme 2 (Demo)
268Twice The Love (Siamese Twins’ Song)
269Roasted Dude
270Only A Dream
271The Finale I
272The Better Montage
273The Wedding Song — Performed By Danny Elfman, Jane Horrocks, Paul Baker, Alison Jiear And Gary Martin
274Sally’s Song (Instrumental Demo)
275Chicken Pox
276Kim At The Mall
277Andy And The Bull
278Kidnap The Sandy Claws — Performed By Paul Reubens, Catherine O’Hara And Danny Elfman
279The Park Ride
280Town Meeting Song — Performed By Danny Elfman And Cast
281The Batman Theme
282Main Titles (With Elfman Vocal Intro)
283Closing — Narration By Patrick Stewart
284The Boat Arrives
285Bad Dream/Tender Moment
286The Wedding Song (Demo)
287Town Meeting Song
288Jack’s Lament (German Version)
289Futterwacken 2 – (Demo)
290Beetlejuice: Animated Series (Main Title)
291The Fork
292Etiquette Lesson
293Ritchie’s Speech
294The Door
295Alice Reprise #1
296Veruca Salt (Orchestra-Only Version)
297Remains Of The Day (Combo Lounge Version)
298Dragons & Swords
299Jack And Sally Montage
300Sore Spots
301Remains Of The Day — Performed By Danny Elfman, Jane Horrocks, Paul Baker, Alison Jiear And Gary Martin
302The Jar 2
303MOMA — Too Sweet
305Descent Into Mystery
306Andy Chase
307Cat Suite
308Airfield Dilemma
309The Drive-In
310This Time (Unused Electric Song — Demo)
312Juno's Theme
313MOMA — Organ
315Be Gone Ye Demons
317The Bike
318Moms And Dads
319 Edward Scissorhands: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 58:23
320The Basement
321Beetlejuice Commercial
322MOMA — Spies
323Bat Wing Idea (Worktape)
324Joker Flies To Gotham (Unused)/Batwing I
325JAck's Lament (Orchestra-Only Version)
326MOMA — Christmas 1
327The Busy Beavers
329End Credits Part 1
330Remains Of The Day (Demo)
331Return To Spectre
332A Plan Is Forming
333 Notes And Notions: Orchestra-Only Versions 1985-2010 73:08
334Alice’s Theme (Demo 2)
335Aah Love
336Young Masbath
337The Piano Duet (Without Dialogue)
338Unused Cue (Demo)
339Masbath’s Terrible Death
340New Arrival
341Wheels In Motion
342Birth Of A Penguin II
343The Joker’s Poem
344Main Title/Bike Race
345Bus Station/Simone
346Family Dog: TV Series — Main Title
347The Wedding
348Final Address
349Andy Chase 2
350MOMA — Eerie Circus
352Childhood Remembered
353The Growing Montage
354Hitch Hike
355This Is Halloween — Performed By The Citizens Of Halloween
356First Sighting
357The Rise And Fall From Grace I
358Edwardo The Barber
359What’s This? (Singing Elf Mix) — Performed By Danny Elfman
360The Jar 5
361River Girl
362The Jar (Work Tape)
363Willy Goes Home
365Musak 1
366The Witch
367Violet Beauregarde
369Ice Dance (Demo)
371In The Tub
372First Confrontation
373The Church Battle
374Drink Me
375Preparing For Battle
376Batman Theme Reprise
377A Volunteer
378Alice And Bayard’s Journey
379Harlot’s Hangout
380The Final Confrontation II
381The Mall
382First Candy
383Herrmann-esque Thing (Worktape)
384Charlie Declines
385MOMA — Calliope
386Christmas Eve Montage (Extended Film Version)
387Augustus Gloop (Orchestra-Only Version)
388Roof Fight
389Going To Battle
390 Alice In Wonderland: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 78:54
391Willy Leaves Home
392Branding The Herd
393According To Plan (Demo)
395The Finale
396Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Suite
397MOMA — Trailer
399Kidnap The Sandy Claws (Demo)
400Ball & Socket Lounge Music #1 (Band Version)
401Amazing Stories: Family Dog — Amazing Stories
402Moon Dance
403Making Christmas (Orchestra-Only Version)
404Kidnap The Sandy Claws (Orchestra-Only Version)
405The Final Confrontation
406Leaving Spectre
407Amazing Stories: Family Dog — Main Title
408Barkis’s Bummer
409Misc. (Unused Demo)
410 Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 78:37
411Lydia Discovers?
412The Windmill
413According To Plan — Performed By Albert Finney, Joanne Lumley, Tracey Ullman And Paul Whitehouse
414Mike Teavee
415Poor Jack (French Version)
416The One And Only
417Martian Lounge
418Suburbia (Demo)
419The Final Confrontation I
420Love Theme
421MOMA — Sneaky
422Alice Under Pressure
423In The Model
424Hatter Recital
425According To Plan (Orchestra-Only Version)
426The Dirty Deed
427End Credit Suite
428Spotting Sandra
429Tears To Shed - Performed By Helena Bonham, Jane Horrocks And Enn Reitel
430What's This? (Orchestra-Only Version)
431 Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 76:17
432Theme 4 (Demo)
433The Jar 4
434MOMA — Alien Calliope
435The Landing (Extended Film Version)
436Joker’s Commercial (Work Tape)
437Wonka’s Welcome Song
438Little Alice
439 Batman: Original Motion Picture Score 73:01
440Into The Garden
441Victor’s Deception
442 Mars Attacks!: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 74:11
443The Dungeon
444Delilah’s Entrance
445Sweet Dreams
446Dinosaur Dream
447The Indian Palace
449Edward Scissorhands Suite
450The Chase
451Keyhole 2
452Town Meeting Song (Orchestra-Only Version)
453More Dreams
454Penguin’s Grand Deed
455Men At Work
456Enter Karl
457Finding Absolem
458Jack’s Obsession — Performed By Danny Elfman And Cast
459Battle Transition
460The Jar 3
461MOMA — Sad
462Hitch Hike (Film Version)
463Theme 5 (Demo)
464Sandra’s Theme
467Vicki Gets A Gift
468Selina Transforms II
469Pet Shop
470State Address
471Wacky (Worktape)
472Castle On The Hill
473Veruca Salt (Unused Bollywood Version – Demo)
474Return Message
476Studio Chase
477The Fly
478Dad Gets Fired
479Axis (Worktape)
480Alice’s Theme (1st Recording)
481Victor’s Piano Solo (Without Dialogue)
482No Ghosts
483Till Dawn
484Sally’s Lament/Wandering Jack
485Selina Transforms I
486End Credits
487Sad Pictures
488Boatride (Unused Demo)
489Harmonics (Work Tape)
490Jenny's Theme
492Old Flames
493Jack’s Obsession (Demo)
494Theme 6 (Demo)
495First Fire Fight
496This Is Halloween (Orchestra-Only Version)
497Simone (Film Version)
498Large Marge
499Alice Reprise #3
500Proposal (Down The Hole)
501The Talk Show Shocker
502Big Send-Off
504Finale/Reprise (Orchestra-Only Version)
505Penguin March (Work Tape)
506Castle Problems
507Lydia Strikes A Bargain…
508Post Party
509Dinner Source
510A Plan Is Revealed
511Loompa Land
512Opening (Orchestra-Only Version)
513Charlie's Jackpot
514Enter… “The Family”/Sand Worm Planet
515Birth Of A Penguin I
516The Battle Begins


Limited edition version of the box set. Limited to 1,000 boxes. Comes with a numbered certificate. Box contains: 16 CD's, 1 DVD, "Skeleton Key" USB flash drive, Zeotrope, Hardcover book.

The limited edition sold out in 2010.

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Now if we could just get this reissued onto vinyl...
That's just silly! Limit it to 50, as only that many people would cough up a thousand bucks.
ah mate, think how much we'd fork out for it !!!